We hold a new selection process for each project. Once applications are open, you can fill in the application form and upload a video, and you will be notified in due time whether you have been selected, placed on the reserve list, or rejected.

There are usually two ONJ projects per year: one in April and one in July.

One week full of intensive rehearsals, workshops and social events, followed by at least one concert. You will work together closely with our young and energetic conductor, you will be coached by the best musicians from the professional orchestras from in and around Luxembourg, and make a lot of new friends. Hard work and fun are guaranteed!

Yes! You can add yourself to our general mailing list of interested musicians by entering your data here.

We are the orchestra in residence at the Mierscher Kulturhaus: 53, rue G.-D. Charlotte L-7520 Mersch (Luxembourg)

30 years. However, you are welcome to apply even if you are older than that – we occasionally need reinforcements, and will get in touch with you in that case.

Yes, you are more than welcome! The ONJ provides accommodation for non-resident musicians and reimburses travel costs up to a certain limit, as long as the tickets have been booked in agreement with the organization team. The minimum age for non-resident musicians that need accommodation is 18 years.

In general, string players should have at least accomplished a “2e Prix” and wind and percussion players should have at least accomplished a “1er Prix” (in the Luxembourgish education system).

For non-resident musicians, anyone currently studying or having completed a Bachelor of Music or Master of Music can apply.

No, participation is free.

Yes, but only up to a certain limit (usually around 250€) per person and under the condition that the tickets have been booked in agreement with the organization team.

We provide accommodation for our non-resident musicians. This could be either in a youth hostel or in a boarding house. You can travel to the concert hall by public transport, which is free for all in Luxembourg.

Yes, but only if they are residents and don’t need accommodation.

The dress code is usually full black.

Yes, via Muvac!

If you would also like to apply for a tutti position, you will need to fill in the regular application form as well.

Please note that this is not a paid position.

No, don’t worry! Please feel free to use videos you have already, and it’s completely okay if it was taken with your phone.

It’s also up to you if you play solo or with accompagnement. If you want to include a chamber music video, we recommend adding it as an (optional) 3rd video.

The selection for the ONJ projects takes into account the following criteria:

  • Musical level
  • Resident / non-resident of Luxembourg (priority for residents)
  • Proximity to Luxembourg (the closer the better, for environmental and financial reasons)


You will hear a lot of other languages as well, but understanding and speaking English is necessary for the rehearsals.

Send an email to project manager Anne-Catherine Feltgen, she will be happy to help you: ac.feltgen@onj.lu